Looking through binoculars, I love how it breaks up the view making you look at the finer details in landscape. The bits and bobs that build up the larger landscape
Mono print of binocular view V
Our worth is based on becoming somewhat like a machine, although machines are unable to simulate play.
Adult Play: The Dirty Secret of Grown-Ups is an exciting arm of research exploring the ideas of adult play, that when playing is regimented through work or competitive sport or even sex it is still framed as having an adult label attached, that embarrassment is born when others are seeing you as someone that plays, something categorised for children, as our sense of self is developed through the eyes of the other.
The endless ocean and the creels that bring up a tiny portion of what resides under. It's like another plane of reality when submerging yourself into water, a different state of moving..gravity one of the grounding forces of the everyday is almost redundant. I find the moment when the camera is on the line of air world and water world it feels like looking into another dimension
I’m excited about the accessibility of misunderstanding that there’s room for error and misunderstanding brings new thought processes.
This piece of work got me thinking about how work is a collection of passed on knowledge, that the questions I start asking myself don’t need to be answered, but instead are created to hold space for conversation. The more I was making the more it feels like a collaboration with other ideas and other people's time that’s gone in to making things that facilitate others, such as the 3D pen, the touchpad, all these specialised skills so kindly put out, and my ideas are just a collection of various other ideas squeezed out from me, forming a different question- this act feels like a re celebration of knowledge. I feel reluctant to call myself an artist, I feel like people making work are researchers, I don’t mean strictly in terms of academic readings, I think research comes through the things we touch, things we smell, what our eye is drawn to. We’re constantly researching whether we think we are or not.
When painting a 3D object on blender, you have to unwrap that object into 2D and save the image as a separate file that is then pasted back onto to the 3D object. To the left these are some of the 2D images of the cats face I was painting.
Inconsequential sightings throughout, although maybe not inconsequential...images building up libraries of thought. Everyone is doing this throughout their life. I love seeing images people take on their phones in the everyday.
These boxes that I had made out of a 3D pen and acetate images of landscape and microscopic images of bodies had metal wire laced through them. This meant that when a person was touching the box and placed it onto the conductive paint on the table, it would trigger the sounds coded into each paint stroke. I coded it to layer the sounds (which were a collection of sounds taken outside of wind, water..elemental I guess) so the making of the work was someone playing with it- an interaction you couldn't really curate.
Above is images taken of the reflection of a full moon in the window, these out of space glistens of light reflected that moved as you did. It reminds me of the refraction of light you get in bodies of water like the sea. The moon moves so quickly I was having to chase it from room to room until it eventually left the windows.
A collection of games played when you're a child...how are these games continually passed on?
Most people seem to remember playing these, how is this passed on through time...or would children make games up to play with similar boundaries anyway without it being passed down?
Video to the right from BBC archives

There are so many facets of living that are not fully explored 'scientifically', for example playing music to plants- there is research done into it, but it's things like this that aren't 'scientific fact' like watering plants...there's too many things and human exploration of surroundings to rely on this idea of science...almost like a host of unknown knowledge that will probably not be proven in a wider sense, only to yourself. I love word of mouth knowledge and faith in the idea of something working.
Bits and bobs from here and there. No rhyme or reason to the ordering of information below
Real Housewives of Beverly hills, an episode of someone getting married and they have paid someone to paint the wedding, they kept showing shots of the painting and I was surprised to see the person painting it had literally painted every
bit of movement...I thought they would paint just the ceremony, not ceremony then reception on the same canvas...by the end of the night it'll just be a grey blob
Photogrammetery, above is the back garden and me in it,

Below is a 3D printed object 3d rendered back into the digital space, sizing it up. I'm excited by the playfulness in scaling things up in these digital realms. Something childlike. As a child I was able to have things look huge and not within their given function. Being on the sofa looking down at the carpet could be like looking down from a sky scraper: I love taking these 3D printed objects that are small and fit in your palm like a toy and making the huge, changing their spatial presence.
3D Printed Drawings

Framing myself within these 3D photogrammetary spaces, this is the blur space between digital and physical. I love the ability to interact with my immediate physical surroundings and that means I travel through the digital space, interacting with physical and digital, the way I step onto the sofa in my physical world translates into me walking up the step in the digital world. I want to maybe try and create physical objects people can interact with that mirror the physicality of the digital space, but not necessarily aesthetically. Have it so you are somehow projected so you can see yourself in the digital space on a large human size scale as you climb and play around the physical one, existing in both realms