Live underwater webcams, there's one camera placed at 'frying pan tower' and it's a constant feed of the sea. It's like alien world!
Below is live webcam highlights taken from a boat, of Beluga Whales
A lot of sea creatures seem really curious about humans, like ancient knowledge that's been passed down through whales for e.g.
(I remember reading about sperm whales starting to understand the dangers of humans and trying to harm boats, how did they communicate this with other whales to the point it was known far and wide?)

When I filmed under a rock in a rock pool I amazingly came across these shrimp...and shrimp would be the last thing that I'd imagine having a purposeful curious attitude to their surroundings in a weirdly conscious way- but when I looked at the footage after I took my phone out the water they had walked right up to the camera, putting their little feelers up and touching the phone
I love these ghostly images of the Beluga Whales, objects suddenly fall into a cloudy haze in the sea. They almost look like mermaids, they're so otherworldly.
It's making me think about the difference between how visuals and sound travel in water, sound travels much further.
A microscopic view of shark skin, apparently their skin is like sandpaper
shrimp discovering my phone
I think sperm whales can talk to each other miles and miles away with sonar clicks, surely that's a language? I feel like I remember on Blackfish someone saying that the scientific community is reluctant to say any other animals apart from humans use language, but surely it is...they're communicating

I watched a youtube video of Sperm Whale researchers who have to dive into the water becoming paralysed because of the strength of the whales sonar clicks, I think it can kill you if you're close enough and they do a long range call
could the bath/toilet/sink have sound traveling through the water into the pipes coming out the other, sound signalling portals.
Running a bath and you shout through to the toilet where the beings live in the plughole!

My sink gurgles when I let my bath water out, what would happen if I had an underwater speaker playing sounds and I let the water out would the sounds travel through the gurgle that happens in my sink, and you could hear the sound in the sink?
"Sound can travel through any state: gas, liquid, or solid. Surprisingly, it travels similarly through all three. Sound is measured as either loud or soft. This is based on its amplitude, which is the size of the airwaves and can be adjusted – like a volume dial. Higher amplitude is picked up by the skull. Unfortunately, human beings are unable to hear and decipher lower frequencies because those sound waves require the small ossicles bones.

In fact, our ears were developed from the same ancestors as dolphins and whales!

“Whales and dolphins had land-based ancestors that made their way into the ocean millions of years ago. Part of that transition involved modifying their ears so that they could clearly hear sounds underwater and tell where they were coming from,” says Nick Pyenson, curator of fossil mammals at Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

The reason your skull is acting as a microphone is because our bodies are mostly made up of water, 65% to be exact. Sound waves cannot tell the difference between your body and the water around you, therefore it travels until it hits something else to vibrate – like your skull. The mastoid bone bypasses the ear canal to signal the brain, and you can’t tell which direction it’s coming from because it activates both ears at once."
"Under water, sound travels farther and approximately 4.5 times faster than on land."
vision underwater
"When the eye is immersed in water, which has about the same density as the cornea, we lose the refractive power of the cornea, which is why the image becomes severely blurred."
(maybe questionable article with how scientists plop themselves into these communities)
Video I took on Skye out on the boat, pulling in creels!
There's this surface line, you're either in out or floating between. Once you're in you look up and face the reflection of what's 'underneath', and maybe sunlight piercing through.
I feel like that's why sharks are seen to be so scary, you cross that surface line into a different world, one that your senses are dulled in, I love the blurry, moving line.

Also with sharks your head is either above water where you can't see where the shark is below, or you've crossed the water line looking at the shark
sparking sea surface, a whole other world below

video taken at Talisker Bay, Skye
When we're in the water, our skull is like a big ear...vibrations hit the mastoid bone in the skull which is right behind the ear
sharks propel themselves forwards using their tail
into the toilet with a plumbing camera
maybe create two vessels with water that has a pipe connecting and then push sound into the water and see if it travels through, maybe you could hear it on the surface?

I want to do experiments with sound in the bath and how that travels, could sound travel through water being let out the bath that then gurgles in the sink
3D print movement tests
a failed 3D print, looks like an archeological site :P
sporadic thoughts
Talking into the water, sounds like something is down the plughole
blender file before printing
Watching lots of youtube videos of people showing their wind up bath toys. I remember having shark toys and wind up toys that could become pretty scary as a child if you were in a particular head space :P

Trying to understand the wind up toy gear mechanisms, I think it's a similar principle with how I'm wanting to do animatronics with motors
found someone doing an unboxing of this remote controlled shark that you can put in ponds/swimming pool/ a bath. It reminded me of the people that meet up on...i think it's a Sunday in Queens Park, that put their remote controlled boats into the large pond and go round and round, I wonder what would happen if a remote controlled shark appeared
inside of a wind up toy
shark toy in a pond
remote control boats at Queens Park pond
quotes from books/stuff I'm reading
sharks, death, surfers, an illustrated
Melissa McCarthy
"Imagine standing in shoulder-deep water wearing a scuba mask, with the lateral line of your two eyes matching the line of the surface water as it stretches away from you: half your vision is of the sky, half is of the blue water, and the surface is seen edge-on as a line dividing two zones."

"Along the line of a surface one can travel, and through the surface one can break."
my mum told me when she watched Jaws after it came out she felt like the shark was going to come through the toilet whenever she sat on it :P
"Scientists believe that after the killings began, social units containing about 10 female sperm whales and their calves "quickly learned defense measures from one another," describing the learning as "an unusual instance of rapid and large-scale cultural change outside humans.""
Listening to The Sound Aquatic podcast by Hakai Magazine, they speak about how you can hear healthy coral underwater, you can hear the fish and nymphs, which in turn attracts more nymphs, because sight isn't good in water fish rely on sound to keep themselves safe.
SERVO MOTORS, using Arduino board!!!
Trying out coding the servo motor with different speeds and angles. I've started attaching objects to it to see how it moves, I want to create something articulated that moves as if it is in water.
I think kinetic sculpture could be a good way to use the servo to create movement
I bent this wooden kebab stick in the hopes of using it as the base of kinetic movement, I will attach sticks to different points of the bend and the motion of the wood going round in a circle will hopefully create movement. Almost like a puppet??
sound travels 4.4 times faster in water
pencil drawing below, created the 3D print above of fish-like creature